Ceiling Fans

Welcome to the Ceiling Fans page, the most effective and convenient type of electric fan for the home has to be the ceiling fan as they are powerful and do not have to be positioned to use.

A ceiling fan is positioned with the light in a room and is therefore directly above you when you are in a room. They often have small controls on them so that you can start the fan or change the speed easily and some can also be controlled from the light switch on the wall.

Ceiling fans are great because they are powerful and offer constant cooling in any room, they are also out of sight and quiet and so offer a very relaxing and convenient cooling service. The only downside is that you have to have the ceiling fan fitted but this can be done easily by an electrician or even by a DIY expert but once done there is no more need to mess around with small fans and you can have a constant supply of cool air all day at the press of a button.

And another advantage that ceiling fans have is that they can actually help to warm a room in the winter. You simply set them onto a slow setting and so the fan will send the warm air that has risen to the top of the room back down to the people who are in the room.

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